I have just completed the online Healing Moves Course, I would recommend this course to everyone it's well explained and demonstrated, time wise it is very flexible. The moves are explained well with no information overload. I felt very relaxed and 'alive' after each session. Thank you Sarah for a brilliant course my oasis in lock down and beyond.
I found the course a rewarding and delightful experience, in particular Sarah’s patient guidance, enthusiasm and skill. The movements are gentle and mindful, bringing balance back to the body, relaxing and physically reviving, a journey of rediscovery of our place within and relationship to the natural world.
It has given me a real sense of the intensity and presence of the natural world/landscape. Developing a connection that extends and permeates everyday experience.
I have enjoyed the movement in the stillness and the silence of the actual situation we are in. It gave me a reason to move that otherwise I know I would not have taken into practice. At the beginning I thought this format was not possible but gradually I saw with my own eyes and my own experience that it was more than possible. Actually, it is the best way for anyone who wants the freedom of being able to set up the time, the pace, the place and everything, just feeling that you are taken by the hand of a master who introduces you to each step.
I have found the experience very positive. I did not know what to expect at all. The actual practice was new to me and a challenge, allowing my body to move in a way that may be seen as strange by others. The attention to the whole body, all the joints, the breathing into them, relaxing muscles, tension, opening joints, moving in a healing way has been most valuable. And apart from some obvious after effects when moving parts of the body which see little movement, or hold most tension, with too much enthusiasm, the whole ‘experiment’ has been very enjoyable for me. The most difficult part was to make a start. Once I had seen the first videos and realized it was different, I needed to step over a small hurdle. Trying not to care what it looked like and concentrate on what if feels like for me. I surprised myself every week at how ‘easy’ it became to let go and just be.
Sarah’s Healing Moves Outdoor Course has been a very positive experience for me. The course encourages moving in my own garden, with careful instructions from Sarah. Exploring my own body and its own limitations and needs was followed by gentle movements aimed at opening joints, relaxing and using movement to encourage healing. The exercises were explained by Sarah and demonstrated in a clear way, allowing me to try them out at my own pace and within my own ability. Sarah encourages using the environment around me as guidance for the movements and a source of healing in itself. As the weeks progress so do the movements. I became more conscious of how my body responds to what I do and feel and was able to use the movements taught to feel better. The course also allowed me to feel part of a group, all exploring the same Healing Moves as individuals, yet also together. We shared experiences and learned from each other as well. It has influenced the way I move and how I allow what is around me to help me feel better in myself.
I would highly recommend the online Healing Moves course conducted by Sarah Hyde. She leads the course with empathy and kindness gradually making you more in sync with your body. The nervousness and uncertainty at the beginning is replaced by a confidence and freedom of movement at the end.
I found this course enabled me to enjoy nature whilst connecting to my own body and movements. The movements were gentle and relaxing bringing mindfulness into another dimension. Sarah is a kind and thoughtful teacher and creates a safe space to explore and enjoy movement. This type of movement was extremely healing and accessible to me with my health and mobility issues (M.E).Thank you Sarah.