Healing Moves

Introduction to Healing Moves Inside

This course focuses on developing an awareness of and learning to listen to:

  • The physical body, muscles, bones, tissues, organs and senses.
  • The emotions and thoughts that arise and how these impact the physical body.
  • The stories that resonate within the body.

These basics of the Healing Moves practice begin to create an understanding of the language of the body and how we can express this through movement and stillness. The practice very quickly generates a feeling of increased vitality and well being.

Introduction to Healing moves Outside

This course is an introduction to Healing Moves in the landscape;

  • Listening to the natural environment
  • Developing ways of communicating with other beings in the landscape through movement and sound.
  • Noticing how the quality of our presence affects the space around us and vice versa.
  • Becoming aware of the balance or imbalance between what is happening 'within' us and 'outside' us.
  • Experiencing the healing and vitality that developing our relationship with the natural world brings.

Moving with the Elements

This is an annual cycle of five weekends connecting with the changing seasons.  Each weekend in the cycle is based on one of the elements in the Chinese Five Element System.  Within this system each element governs a season and relates to particular qualities that resonate in both the external environment and within the inner landscape of body, mind, emotions and spirit. This model is a wonderful way to help us understand how we naturally respond to the cycle of the changing seasons; where we flow well with these natural rhythms; where our energy gets blocked and creates inner discord; how each element is of equal value.  With this growing awareness we can start to make choices that enable us to live more in balance, thus bringing an increased sense of wellbeing and health.

These five weekends correlate with the five Elements & seasons they govern

In these times of Climate Change with dramatic seasonal disturbances it seems more important than ever to understand that what happens inside us is connected to what is happening in our external world.

The Five Elements and the seasons they govern are;

Water - Winter

Wood - Spring

Fire - Summer

Earth - Late summer

Metal - Autumn

Movement Mapping

This is a movement practice I have developed to rebalance the being or to bring clarity to a question, a situation, a creative project. It is based on the assumption that ‘our body always knows’: we just need to understand how to listen to it and read the signs. Together with the client we set up a ‘map of landscapes’ through which they then move. These landscapes can be imagined or literal. Each landscape has a different relationship to their body which expresses itself through their changing qualities and rhythms of movement, sound, feelings, thoughts and stillness. Reflecting on these embodied responses helps give greater clarity to the question the client brings.

Moving Meadows

Movement practice within a wildflower meadow

This is a delightful opportunity to experience being in well developed wildflower meadows during the late spring and summer months when they are in full bloom.

An increased physical awareness and heightening of the senses comes through the movement and meditation practice, opening us to a more sensitive way to be with, and if we are lucky, even to enter the Meadow Community .. a guest in their world.

It is quite magical to sit amongst the abundance of plants and insects, listen to the wind playing the song of the grasses, hear the humming of bees going about their business, the chirpings of the grasshoppers. A feeling of peace engulfs you that allows the body to move to a different tune, a tune that is innate in us but so often lost to us, that of our natural rhythms.